Get a B.M.R. Award

We Book Me Reviews, believe that it is important to recognize those self publishers and bloggers that have gone the extra mile to create wonderful material useful for authors and other self-publishers in their quest. So as to help potential readers be able to distinguish the professional from those that aren’t, we have created an online award to give out.

This award is the B.M.R. Professional Self-Publisher Internet Award.

bmr award

If you believe that your material (either book or blog) should receive recognition for being a cut above the rest, then double check the following to ensure you meet our strict requirements. If you still are eligible after the requirements, then fill the form at the bottom of this page so that our judges can access your material.


  1. We must be able to access your book or blog.
  2. You must be an American Self-Publisher and have signed no contract with any publishing company.
  3. You must ensure that you are the sole owner of the material.

What’s the Award

Sadly there is no cash involved in this award. But you will receive the next best thing! So as to help potential readers understand your level of professionalism, we will send you our Award Badge. This classy looking badge can be placed on your website and will immediately tell any reader how amazing you material is. It will be a sign that you aren’t just some writer that hopes to be good…you are good.

What’s Next

So, like we said above, please fill out the form below and provide any pertinent information that you think would help us in making our decision. Then once you have submitted, please allow us 1 week to get back to you with the results. We look forward to reading your submissions and wish you the best of luck.

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