Wood Cutting Board Maintenance Tips and Advice

Most individuals including chefs and culinary expert prefer using a wooden cutting board for food prep. Wooden cutting boards are sturdy and long-lasting. Likewise, it is the best choice for maintaining a sharp knife edge. Also, you could not deny the classy vintage touch of a wooden cutting board that is perfect for the kitchen with a rustic and sophisticated theme.

No doubt, many people appreciate the functionality and beauty of wooden cutting boards. Although this kitchen accessory may last for decades, however, poor maintenance can ruin a high-quality cutting board. Furthermore, damages such as cracks on the board can cause bacteria to fester. These microbes can affect your family’s health.

Keeping a cutting on its top performance is easy. It does not require complex methods to ensure functionality and durability. If you have a wooden board great for cutting all types of food, below are useful tips and advice on how to make it last longer.

#1 Keep it Clean

It is important to wash cutting board every after use. Scrub all the food debris stuck on the board. You can use soapy water to wash both sides of the cutting board. But never soak your board or any wooden utensil in the water, it may cause the wood to soften, create cracks and warps. Also, never leave the other bottom surface of the board unwashed. Washing only the top surface can warp the wood resulting in a rocking board.

Washing the board with soap and scrubbing is enough. After cleaning, wipe the board and let it dry overnight by standing it on edge. In this manner, both the top and bottom surfaces are facing out. It can help the board to dry faster. It also prevents the moisture from damaging the wood.

#2 Regular Oiling

Use food grade oil when oiling your cutting board. One example of food grade oil is mineral oil. Apply a generous amount of mineral oil on the board’s surfaces including top, bottom, sides, grip, and handle. Applying oil hydrates the wood and it helps in maintaining the beauty of the cutting board.

After applying the oil, leave it on its edge to dry.

#3 Apply Cream

Once the wood absorbed the oil, the next step is to apply a cream.

Use a cream for wooden cutting board maintenance. You can find the best brands of this item through reliable sources like the Virginia Boys Kitchens. You can check out their website for details on the top-seller wood cutting board cream.

If you’ve got your cream, apply it directly on the board’s surfaces. Spread it evenly over the entire cutting board. You can also use a lint-free microfiber cloth if you are not fond of getting your hands greasy.

A cutting board cream serves as a barrier. It retains moisture from ruining your cutting board. Likewise, it stops the bacteria from festering and spreading all throughout the surface.

There are organic methods that you can use to maintain cutting board appearance and performance. Find out these tips at the Virginia Boys Kitchens website.

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