What are the Perks of Getting a Preloaded Flash Drive?

When a person has a computer or a laptop, eventually, buying a flash drive is next. Having a USB stick is quite convenient. It is hassle-free to carry and allows you to save, manage, and transfer data quick and easy.

What about you? Do you already have a flash drive?

If you are a student, a professional, an entrepreneur, or an office worker, it is important that you have a flash drive. However, you can’t pick any USB drives only because of its appealing design, style, or huge memory capacity. For a person who stores confidential and important data, a preloaded flash drives are the perfect solution.

About Preloaded Flash Drives

A preloaded flash drive is unlike your standard memory sticks. It is a USB drive that has pre-installed software that functions as additional protection and security. Preloaded data has various types. The most common are the following.

#1 Automated Document Management System

A preloaded flash drive with this kind of software allows a person to maintain current forms, presentations, and other materials. It automatically checks and installs updated data so that every staff holds the correct files.

This file management system is quite effective in offices and businesses. And the best one so far is the CFgear Logicdrive by CFgear Company.

#2 Custom Interface

A flash drive with its own unique interface will indeed outshine common USB devices. It is useful for businesses in brand building and marketing. It is also a great solution in organizing data using its customizable navigation systems.

If you want to get a custom interface, the best choices are the Powertie Interface and the NoFrills Interface.

#3 Non-Erasable Content

Did you experience accidentally erasing the file you need the most?

It happens to every person, particularly to students. Deleting an important file can bring any problem, especially if it is a confidential one. The good news is, there’s a software that prevents you from accidents like this. It is the non-erasable content by CFgear.

This software locks your data turning it into a non-erasable file. When you plug in the USB flash drive, the PC and any mobile device will treat it as a CD. Hence, it cannot be deleted or overwritten.

Aside from this, the USB Flash Drive Duplication software of CFgear also works similarly, but with additional perks of preloading all kinds of data.

#4 Custom Icons

If your purpose of buying flash drives is for marketing, then make sure to get a custom icon creation service.

This tool is great for businesses. It allows you to replace the default icon with your own custom icon. Fortune 500 companies use this tool for branding and marketing functions.

#5 Password Encryption

Data leakage and unauthorized access happen all the time to unprotected USB flash drives. You can improve the security level of your USB drive by using password encryption. This software prevents loss and leakage of data by requiring a password to password protects all content.

Consequently, the USB drive’s stored media will be completely inaccessible by anyone, except you.

So, do you have to get a preloaded flash drive?

The answer is yes. It is the best solution to common USB drive problems. And, most of all, it enhances your productivity at work.

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