Important Details on HGH Therapy

The human body produces growth hormones, specifically the pituitary gland; the growth production peaks during puberty and gradually declines after an individual reaches the age of 30. However, not everyone is born to have enough amount of human growth hormone in the body due to various reasons, these include:

Acquired causes:

  • Brain problems and infections that mainly affects the hypothalamus or the pituitary gland
  • Head trauma
  • Undergoing radiation therapy, where the treatment field involves the pituitary gland and or the hypothalamus.
  • Autoimmune disorders such as lymphocytic hypophysitis

Low productions of growth hormones in the body are often secondary to the aforementioned causes; for this reason, several parents are allowing their children – children that in smaller stature than the average kid at their age – to undergo a therapy known as Human Growth Hormone Therapy.

The Human Growth Hormone or HGH therapy is a method of introducing synthetic HGH into the body through various medication administrations, including ointment, oral (supplements), and injection. One of the popular modes of administration is through injection at a route of intramuscular – through deltoid muscle of the arms, at the muscles of the thigh, at the muscles of the hip, and or at the muscles of buttocks – however, the most popular is IM (intramuscular injection) at the hip and the upper arms.

How does HGH therapy works?

When a child or a young adult is diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency or GH deficiency, either from any of the secondary causes, he or she will get the treatment, which is often through injection. The synthetic HGH will mimic the natural functions of the naturally produced growth hormone where it will do the following tasks:

  • Help builds, rebuild, and repair healthy brain and other organ tissues.
  • Help build and improve muscle mass and burn fats.
  • Stimulate the cellular metabolic process, thus activating metabolism.
  • Stimulate the liver to produce an insulin-like protein that helps produce the cartilage cells, which is essential to bone and organ growth, as well as, for muscle protein synthesis.

Generally, the synthetic HGH drug will act like the naturally occurring growth hormone in the body that helps in growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration.

Is it allowed to purchase the HGH injection online?

While the doctors allow their patients to self-administer HGH drugs via injection and you can get HGH injection on sale on the internet, it is still strictly advised to acquire an HGH injection prescription from a licensed doctor and purchase it from a reliable and licensed distributor.

Synthetic HGH is safe to use; however, abuse and misuse of the drug can cause various irreversible health problems. So, make sure to talk to a physician if you suspect that your child has GH deficiency. The doctors will also run a series of tests to find out the primary cause of low growth hormone production and to find out the right dosage of the drug. Also, conducting a series of tests before issuing an HGH prescription will ensure that HGH therapy is the right option.

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