About B.M.R

Hi, my name is Marcia Jenner and I am the author of BookMeReviews.com. Ever since I was a kid, I was an avid reader. I used to run up to my room after school and quickly dig my nose right into a book. Over the years, I have read books of all kinds to include horror, sci-fi, mystery, drama, romance and more. Although I have a particular favorite, this website wasn’t designed to talk about my personal favorites. It was designed as a way for authors to contact me and do a unbiased completely honest review of your work of art.

Self-published books are an excellent read these days and thanks to publishing sites like Kindle and Smash Words it is easier that ever to create a book and within no time publish your book yourself. If you would like to know more about self-publishing your book, you will find lots of posts and pages on this subject. However, if you are a budding new artist and looking for an opportunity to showcase your work, then contact me on my contact page.

Don’t have a book or no interest in writing one? No problem. This site is chock full of fun reviews and crazy cool topics. So if you have something that I should cover or have an idea, then shoot it my way. Remember, this site is called “Book Me” reviews….so go ahead and send me your books and see what I have got to say!