The Best Exogenous Ketone Supplement for Individuals with Sensitive Taste

One problem that most individuals experience with ketone lifestyle is the strong aftertaste of ketone supplements. The strong taste sometimes stays longer in your tongue that you have to look for other food to mask the taste. Also, some individuals add the supplement in beverages just to soften the taste of ketone supplements.

The good news is there are pure ketone supplements with a delicious taste that anyone would enjoy. Check out the best ketone supplements available in the market perfect for individuals with sensitive taste.

Zhou Nutrition’s Keto Drive

One of the leading exogenous ketone supplements with a taste that you would love is Keto Drive by Zhou Nutrition.

The Keto Drive is designed to support individuals with strict ketogenic lifestyle. This formula helps you to work at your peak performance and promotes optimal productivity. Moreover, it keeps your body maintain ketosis despite performing low-key physical activities.

The primary benefits of Keto Drive include improve athletic endurance, higher brain functions, sustained energy, and faster fat burning. It guarantees that your body is brimming with power all day long.

Among these benefits, one of the best things you can enjoy with this formula is the goodness of its taste. Keto Drive features a matcha lemonade taste that is a refreshing flavor. For sure you would love to take this formula every day. There’s no need for you to mix Keto Drive with other beverages to mask the taste.

iThrive Nutrition’s Keto-KickStart

Do you love the sweet and cool taste of blue raspberry? If you do, for sure you can’t get enough with Keto-Kickstart by iThrive Nutrition.

This keto supplement is formulated from BHB salts (calcium, sodium, and magnesium). Using this supplement will help to boost the ketone levels in your body for a faster metabolism. Thus, it promotes easy weight loss and weight management. Moreover, Keto-Kickstart makes your body alert and primed with vigor to help you perform the heavy-duty task.

If you can’t handle the strong aftertaste of most ketone supplements, this formula is perfect for your taste buds. The blue raspberry flavor of Keto-Kickstart will make you enjoy taking in this formula. For sure, you would look forward to adding this supplement to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Keto Function’s Ignite Keto

Are you looking for a lot tastier keto supplement compared the two listed above?

You won’t regret choosing Ignite Keto to support your ketone diet.

This formula by Keto Function’s is well-known for its wonderful fruity taste. It tastes great in comparison to other exogenous keto supplements in the market. You would definitely enjoy this supplement whether serves as a pure powder or mixed into beverages. Plus, you can your fill of Ignite Keto by adding this supplement in your drinks and bring it at office, gym or while traveling.

Aside from the wonderful taste of Ignite Keto, this formula also features patented Hydroxybutyrate (BHB salts) to maintain ketosis. This supplement is pure ketone that promotes appetite suppression and decreased cravings. It also enhances brain functions as well as physical performance.

Do you want to sample one of these ketone supplements?

Learn more about these ketone diet supports through Ketones King.

The Start to Growing Your Business

Everybody dreams of working on their own business. Nobody wants to work for another person for life. This is the reason why a lot of people are starting to conceptualize and plan out a way to create a business of their own.

If you happen to be one of those people, know that it is never too late to start something that can grow into a thriving business. One of the hardest tasks is to get funding for your business. Some people tend to take business loans from different lenders. This is good if done with the right people. However, this can be a great downfall if done with the wrong ones.

Over the years, people have resorted to getting bank loans. However, banks have come up with stricter regulator rules and regulations which made it hard to qualify for one. Before, it would take around 29 hours or more to apply with a traditional lender. Those who do get approved still have to wait around for 2 to 3 months to find out about the details. The sad part is that 80% of small business owners get rejected. Once you get approved, it takes around 90 days to get the funding.

Just imagine the pain and the long agony of those who need to establish their businesses with that money. The process has been stalled by just the lending transaction itself. But thanks to a lot of brilliant minds and capable resources, there is an easier way to get funding for your business.

A lending marketplace is now here to help small business get the funding they need. All you have to do is fill out an online application that will just take around 15 minutes of your day. Once the application is processed, you will be given access to a nationwide network for more than 75 lenders. The best part here is that you will not be left hanging because you can be approved within a few days.

Those who have tried Lendio can testify the easy processing and acquisition of funds. If you are lucky, you can get approved in just 24 hours. They will be asking you for your bank details and they will have you sign the agreement for confirmation. Do not worry because you can always choose the terms that are in accordance to your preference. You can turn down terms that you think are not congruent with your situation.

And when you finally find the perfect lender for you, the funding can be released in as early as 3 to 4 days. This may sound too good to be true but this is the game today. A lot of people are enjoying the benefits of having an easier funding process for them to start with. With the proper requirements in hand, you are sure to be given the same opportunity too. So go ahead and start today. Turn your ideas into reality and enjoy running a business of your own for a long time.

Kindle Research Software to Help You Self Publish

Amazon’s Kindle publishing platform is growing exponentially every day. It is said that 300 new books enter the market every hour.

Sadly, authors can’t just sit down and write a book and hope it wins in today’s overly-crowded market. Instead they got to be smart about it and do proper research to ensure the topic they are going to cover will be one that is marketable.

But how does one find out which topics will make money and which ones won’t in Kindle self-publishing?

Well, that’s what we’re going to cover in this article.

Proper Kindle Self-Publishing Research

In order to ensure your book stands to make money in the industry, you need to verify the following two things exist:

  • A market that wants to buy your book
  • A market that isn’t too saturated with other books

In essence, this is trying to find a niche topic that has traffic but doesn’t have too much competition.

The good news is that there are many different ways you can do this.

Best Kindle Publishing Software

To figure out the best kindle keywords or do proper KDP research, you need about 20 plus hours, a couple of excel sheets and the ability to do some pretty advanced mathematical calculations. Or, you could just use an amazing tool to do all of that for you with a click of a button.

There exists a kindle publishing software that will help you to self-publish your books, increase book sales, and select the best Kindle keywords possible.

This amazing amazon software is KDP rocket. You can check it out at This self-publishing software will help you to do everything said above and will even tell you how many searches per month Amazon shoppers do for that particular term.

That’s pure kindle research gold right there.

It’s a simple program that works on both Mac and PC and it helps test or validate you book ideas, gives better suggestions, tells you how many people are interested in buying that book, how much money the other books make and how hard the actual competition is.

Can you imagine writing a book without this? That would be like trying to hit a bullseye with a dart and your eyes are closed and you really don’t know which wall the dart board is on.

Don’t believe me? Let me remind you that every day there are 3,600 new books added to the Kindle Direct Publishing. Think you can blindly find a money making idea without the help of a professional self-publishing tool?

But Others Have Succeeded Without it!

Yeah, that’s true. And some people are rich because they won the lottery.

Another reason why many guru claim to be rich is because most of the successful ebooks came from efforts done 4+ years ago when there were only 500,000 kindle ebooks on Amazon. It was simple to rank back awesome search terms back then and you didn’t have lots of competition.

On average, there are now 10x more competition for a term. So, if 4+ years ago, there were only four books on Paleo Weight Loss Diet, there are now (on average) 40 books on that same subject.

Get what I mean?

So, What Now?

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy of KDP Rocket. Start discovering profitable book ideas asap and stop wasting time writing books that no one wants to buy.

Why Comparative List Are Your Best Bet

More often than not, when we think about selling books, we think about sales copy, pitching and marketing. We think about ensuring that our book is the only book that gets a mention in our article or advert, and that they get full coverage, exposure and are submerged in the glow of the spotlight.

But what if I told you that that was not the most effective way to sell a book? There are better, more effective and cheaper ways to convince people to buy your merchandise, and they do not rely on exclusive marketing, tricks or lies. What am I talking about? Using a book comparison in order to get your book known amongst its competition. That’s right, comparing your book with others in an honest and insightful review is the best way to go about promoting your work.

By the way, for all you bloggers out there? This works for you too! Book comparisons generate a high amount of traffic, and do much better than simple book reviews. The comparison hits a very sweet spot for your readers, and is sure to deliver the best of both worlds.

A great example of this is the ASTB study guide comparison list from the Military Flight Tests website that was written a little while ago that looks at all the different ASTB and flight study guides out there and compares them all to each other.  Instead of just creating a book review for each and making the reader cypher through which ones were the best, the Military Flight Test author took all the data on the different tests and created a super easy to read comparisons of the different ASTB study guides. This list does several important things:

1. It speaks to a focus group of readers

It speaks to those hoping to pass their flight aptitude test. These are students who are determined to pass no matter what, and gives a good area of development to work with.

2. It is specific

It is a very niche topic. Small enough so that you don’t have an influx of people writing about it, but big enough that you will get views. So whether you are hoping to promote your book, or simply get a bigger readership, this is definitely the way to go.

3. It’s concise

It doesn’t waffle on an on, but rather explains each book in short easy to understand paragraphs, while highlighting the pros and cons in easy to understand language.

4. It’s informative and helpful

It offers something of value to the reader, by saving them time, giving them options and summarising the books in question. This makes it very valuable and helpful.

5. It’s knowledgeable

If you want readers to trust your work, you need to make sure you do your research and ensure that you understand what you are writing about in an intimate way. Everyone can tell a fraud, and you need to be legitimate.

So basically, it is important to ensure that you write honestly, write about well-researched content and offer something helpful to your readers. In this way, the use of a comparative list if the best way to go, as it ensure that the readers get a variety to choose from, and feel informed, instead of simply feeling like they are reading sales copy (which they get enough of through paid marketing). So give your readers, and yourself, a bit of a break, and use informative, comparative lists. I promise you that it will pay off.

Books Read by Famous People [infographic]

Successful and famous people aren’t just good at doing things that they specialize in but they also read books.  These books often have a big impact on their personal lives and to what they have achieved in their life in a specified industry. These reads have inspired their lives and have also helped them deal with the circumstances of life at present moment.

Below is an interesting infographic that shows the bookshelves of some famous personalities, including the Genius man, Einstein. But before that, we encourage you as well to take a look at Favobooks, an interesting resource for readers who would like to discover and explore some interesting reading suggestions by some of the great thinkers, businessmen, politicians and other influential and successful people. Things like, Steve Jobs’ reading listBill Gates: Top 10 books to read and so much more. You’ll surely be able to discover plenty of great books that you should be reading or should have read before. But you don’t have to worry, it isn’t too late yet because these book recommendations are still available on the market.

Anyway, here’s an infographic that shows the bookshelves of some famous people.

You Are What You Read: Bookshelves of Famous People

From Visually.
Have you read these books too?

Your Self-Publishing Services Options

There are several good reasons why many authors prefer to self-publish. First, they are able to retain the rights of their work. Next is, they take full control of their content and the marketing of it and lastly, they are able to retain the revenues from the sold books.

Considering that there are many writers now who would like to self-publish, we’ve listed below some self-publishing services to choose from:


A popular self-publishing platform for photography-based books (full color and black and white). Blurb lets their user to create, self-publish, promote and sell their books. The author can also set their own prices, therefore, they’re able to select their very own profit margin.


If you would like to take advantage of Amazon’s popularity, you probably would like to choose CreateSpace which is part of Amazon group of companies. CreateSpace is not just for book authors but are also perfect for filmmakers and musicians. Authors are also allowed to choose their own royalty when they publish via CreateSpace. After your book is uploaded on CreateSpace, it will be available on the market within hours and you get between 35% and 70% of sales.


One of the best services the Lulu can offer to users is their free consultation . Yes, they offer free consultation for your books. They also have paid services like ISBN purchasing and distribution, book design, and formatting. Authors can also set their profits by choosing their own royalties and Lulu gets a small portion from your sales.


Smashwords will publish anything and they only need your manuscript and you’re good to go. Plus your work gets available in various formats like ePub, mobi, PDF, etc. With smashwords, authors and publishers also get the highest return which is 85% of the sales.

For more list of Self-publishing services, check out Wikipedia’s list.

What self-publishing services are you using?

Share on the comments below.



Questions to ask your Literary Agent

If you want your book to get published on a traditional publishing house, take note that you need a literary agent to represent you and your book. However, getting accepted by a traditional publisher is as hard as getting a good literary agent. Someone that will truly be interested in you and your book and won’t just be looking into the money that’s in your pocket.

In order to get to know your agent really well, you need to ask him few questions. Questions that you consider very important when it matters to this business. In case a literary agent has a website, try visiting his website and read some details provided on his website. Some information that you wanted to know about them are sometimes available on their website particularly in the “About” page.

Here are few important questions that you have to ask to a literary agent.

How much experience you have as a literary agent?

First of all, you need to know how much experience they have as a literary agent. That will include the years and their specialties. Just like an author, literary agent also have their very own specialties when it comes to book genres that they can handle very well. See to it that he is the right agent for your book. Established agents usually have more connections and will be able to find a good place to introduce your book.

Do you work in an agency or you work independently?

Before you commit to an agent, make sure you know who is going to handle your book. Some agents, especially those that are working with big agencies will let an assistant handle the work rather than doing it themselves. However, if you work with an independent agent, he’ll be able work on your book personally.

Are you a member of Association of Authors’ Representatives (AAR)?

It’s good to know if the literary agent you plan to work with is member of certain Association like AAR, a nonprofit organization for professional literary agents. If an agent is a member of AAR, he must follow it’s requirements and adhere to its bylaws and ethics. Therefore, he is a very ideal agent to have.

Great List of Non-Fiction Books for Teenagers

More than just fiction romances, teens also crave for inspiring non-fiction books. Just like adults, they also need some reads that could help improve their personal lives and could inspire them in many ways. Because teen’s life are full of exciting and challenging adventures, it’s just good for them to have something that will make them laugh, cry and think. Teenage years is the year where young girls and boys become more acquainted to life outside the family and home. They become more closer to their friends than their siblings, they tell some (small) lies in order to attend parties, sometimes they become rebellious and in some cases, you find it hard to talk to them personally. Well, these things are normal when they reached this level and because of this, it’s a good idea that there are books which they can read if they need some help, inspiration and wisdom without talking to their parents or elders.


Here are our picks for non-fiction books for teenagers:

7habits7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, by Sean Covey

– a life changing read perfect for today’s teenagers. This book will help teens deal with success and disappointments and will teach them how to be optimistic in life.






ballerinaFlight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina, by Michaela DePrince and Elaine DePrince

– a book about strength, determination and hope. This will not only inspire the hopeful talents but also those that share a mother and daughter relationship.






stayingstrongStaying Strong: 365 Days a Year, by Demi Lovato

– teens have so many fears in life, so this book will perfectly inspire teens on how to become fearless particularly in achieving their dreams in life.





laughingatmynightmareLaughing at My Nightmare, by Shane Burcaw

– very engaging and an eye-opener book that will make you laugh. This is a very touching true-to-life story of Burcaw’s life in a wheelchair.