Reject or Accept Criticism?

Today you can find countless of sites that feature reviews, as well as standard magazines and newspapers. Reviews are proliferating since readers still find books to be an pleasant entertaining get away and they want to talk about the experience with other readers. The world wide web has made it simpler than ever to pass on the enjoyment after finishing the book on an especially great book. The book review on the other hand gives a short summary and the reviewer’s judgment of written content and approach. It’s opinion-based and it’s intended to help a reader determine if they want to invest their time and hard-earned cash on it.

If you are the author and your work gets criticism. What would you do? Do you get crazy, upset, get disturbed and take your work somewhere else, or do you wholeheartedly recognize the critique and work with it. You have options, and logically you have to make an option as to what you will do with that hard work that you’re so very pleased at.

Here are two suggestions that may be available to you:

1. Defend:

Offer protection to your work no matter what. Considering that you have worked hard at your book, you are worthy of the credit for your work. You want value for your work and you will desire it. Changes is not in your language, and neither is rectification, revising, or modifying. You will stand up by your work no less no more and won’t move. It’s your best job and they can take it or dump it.

2. Acknowledge:

Acknowledge the judgments in a sensible way and utilize it to enhance your work; and as an outcome, improve what you already possess. With that, you will find that by taking and working with literary judgments you basically find out lessons you’d probably never know without it. Your complete product just needed a small perfecting for a better look.

If you are the type of person who will choose the first option, your work will probably sit in a drawer for many years. And if you realized it after years of waiting, it might be too late for you to make revisions. Poor you! However, if you are an author who will acknowledge a criticism wholeheartedly, you will surely have a future as a writer and as an author.

For best outcomes in your writing projects, take judgments with dignity. Never allow your own self to fully admire your work to the point that you will shut out all opportunities of development for future opportunities. Remember, you are writing for others and not just for you own self. It’s not a ‘dear diary’ work that you won’t share to anybody.