Top 6 Helpful Tips and Tricks for Learning Spanish

how to learn spanish fast

Learning a new language can be quite tough in the beginning especially if you have not much knowledge about the certain language. For many reasons, there are those who are in their quest of learning the Spanish language. In the United States, Spanish is known to be the second most studied language. While it is true that watching Dora the Explorer is a bit of a help, her lessons are not really quite enough. Sure there may have been Spanish classes in middle school; however, those basic skills in speaking the language never really left the classroom.

For those who are serious about learning the Spanish language, more time and effort may have to be invested in order for you to become close to fluent. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks that may help you in your journey to this language.

Tips and Tricks

  • Connect with Native Spanish Speakers

There is nothing better than practicing the language with a native speaker. Indeed, a native speaker of the language will definitely know when your sentences are awkward and unnatural. He or she would truly be able to teach you a more realistic and beyond-the-book type of lesson. Communicating with a native speaker will sharpen your skills in the language and at the same time, you will have fun.

There are many ways for you to reach out to native speakers; if you have friends who are native Spanish speakers, you can invite then over for coffee and you can ask them to practice with you. Or you can also join online Spanish groups and forums to practice the language.

  • Invest in Spanish Lessons

In order for you to learn Spanish, having a coach or teacher to guide you as you learn the language is quite important. Your personal teacher may give you assignments and homeworks that will help you. Corrections in all aspects of the language would also be much easier.

  • Carry a Spanish Book

There are quite a couple of easy-to-read books for Spanish lesson. While you have free time and when you’re not in the mood for watching a Spanish drama or listening to a Spanish song, you may opt to scan through the pages of the book. Spending a lot of time getting familiar with the content of the book will definitely help you in learning the language. You can even carry around the book to your nearest coffee shop or you can read it while waiting at your doctor’s office. Some of the god choices for Spanish books you may want to read are the following:

  1. El Principito
  2. El Alquimista
  3. Cuentos de la Selva (for children)

tricks in learning spanish

You can simply insert your reading sessions in between other appointments; however, it is also best to really spend quality time with it.

  • Watch and Listen to Spanish Movies and Music

When it comes to learning any language, one of the most important thing to have is a good ear for that specific language. In this case, you must have a good ear for Spanish words. Listening well will help in correcting your intonation, pronunciation and diction. Tuning in to Spanish movies or tv shows is a good way to develop an “ear” for the language. Another fun way to familiarize the language would be through listening to Spanish songs.

  • Use Labeling to Familiarize

You can label the parts of your room with Spanish terms in order for you to become more familiar with their words. Even when you are out in public, try to label your surroundings in your mind. This will serve as a good mind exercise.

  • Connect the Language to Yourself

Basically, this means associating the Spanish language to your everyday interests, hobbies and activities. If you are into poems, you may start making simple Spanish poems. Similarly, if you are into composing songs, you can try composing simple sentences for your song. To be able to really master a language, it must be a part of the learner’s main interest; this way, you will be consistent in learning.

The Bottom Line

Learning a new language, whether fully or partially, takes a lot of patience and motivation. As long as you are consistent in practicing and as long as you have the patience to continue even when you have failed, you will definitely learn well in time.